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all of the magical things that make me who I am

About me

I'm a 25 year old woman who loves all things magical. I live in Central Florida, aka "the theme park capital of the United States", so naturally I have had an obsession with Walt Disney World since I was born. Even though Disney is one of my main passions and inspirations, it isn't the only subject I think is magical. Food, travel, fashion and so many other things can be magical. I even consider going shopping at Target and celebrating Halloween to be magical experiences. My hobbies also include being crafty/creating DIYs, photography, trying to pet every animal that I see and surprising people with how much food I eat. This is a space for me to share my thoughts, tips and ideas on topics that I love, while fully expressing myself and showcasing all of the magical things that make me who I am.

Do you believe in magic?

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